Do the recent lore updates/changes seem to just capitalise on old successes rather than new content?

Recently we have had a ton of lore updates/changes. But so may of them just seem to be re-hashing older stories trying to ride the wave of their success. ____________________________ **Kai'Sa** for example. Her lore was outright robbed from her father Kassadin. Rather than continue the story we have had and been wondering about for years and years and years. They just scrapped it all, gave what little was left of Kass's old story story to Kai'Sa, single handily emasculating Kassadin and all his fans in the process. _____________________________ Then **Pyke**. Literally exactly the same thing again, but with Nautilus. Nautilus' lore wasn't some big event that tied everything together, like Lissandra's or Azir's. But for those who read it, it was _fucking terrifying_, and an awesome gem in the ocean of League's universe. Pyke comes out, Riot's like: _"Ohhhh new and shiny champ, naut's lore was so good, and we want Pyke to be good too.... why don't we just take nautilus' lore... and... and give it to Pyke?"_ _____________________________ Now we have the **Darkin**. I think I can speak for most of us when I say that the Darkin were super interesting and mysterious, perhaps more so than most other lore tangents. For years after Aatrox's release, people were meticulously searching for absolutely anything related to Darkin in splash-arts/lore/teasers/trailers etc. Slowly a picture began to form, of these 5 ancient beings, set on the destruction of Runetera, league's 'horsemen of the apocalypse' as it were. War - Aatrox Pestilence - Varus Death - Rhaast Badass right? Nah bro, now they're just Ascended Shuriman warriors, no different to Azir/Renekton/Nasus, except for the fact that unlike Azir/Renekton/Nasus, they were tricked by a 12 year old girl into being beaten to a pulp by regular humans and some moonlight. And the sole reason Aatrox/Rhaast/Varus _(and presumably 2 others, if the 5 Darkin are even still a thing that is?)_ managed not to be completely destroyed like all the rest of their race, was because, by chance, they decided not to go to a meeting they were invited to. **Yep, thats literally the only reason. Check it.** And because they couldn't be killed _(which is a blatant plot hole, seeming one of the Ascended straight up dies by being stabbed, in the very same story, and countless more get killed in the Icathia story)_ they got sealed within their weapons _(because apparently, Ascended's weapons are now somehow inseparably connected to their power? [Sucks to be Xerath])_ So now, rather than being the horsemen of the apocalypse hellbent on the destruction of the world. They're just shell-shocked Ascended who got the shit beat outta them. Not only does that degrade the badassery of the Darkin, but it also brings our view of the ascended down as well, now that we know that some humans and moonlight can bring down even the mightiest god warriors. Fun fact: 'Darkin' doesn't even specifically relate to Aatrox/Rhaast/Varus either, its a term for referring to Ascended who have fallen from Grace. So technically Renekton and Xerath are Darkin as well, hell even Azir and Nasus could be called Darkin depending on your view. To recap: Darkin are a hell of a lot less special than they used to be. There may or may not be 5, and if there are 5 its only because there were 5 who didn't attend the meeting, not because there was anything special or strong about those specific 5. They are not specifically related to Death/War/Pestilence/Famine, and if they bare some resemblance, it is purely by chance, because it was not their original purpose. __________________________________ Then we come to **Aatrox's** lore. He was once a badass god who fought the void, the war gave him shell-shock, he got the shit beat outta him by some humans. He got sealed in his sword. He stayed in the sword for many years. When someone picks up the sword, Aatrox consumes them and uses their body to wield the sword. He wants to become Ascended again, but no matter how many bodies he consumes, he can't return to his former power/glory. So now he just wants to die. That's all well and good, not a bad story. We all love the story of a fallen warrior with the world against them. Usually they have a noble cause we can get behind. Vengeance against those who wronged them, and to clear their name {{champion:157}}. Or to make amends for the dreadful horrors they committed under the sword {{champion:92}}. But when the hero of the story is mentally wounded and just wants to die {{champion:266}} . Thats a little less.... cool? **Which is especially ironic seeing Aatrox's entire purpose is to die, and main point of difference his kit is to keep him alive as long as possible?** _________________________ I don't know if its just me being cynical. But it seems like Riot are recycling past successes in an attempt to boost the hype. And while it does temporarily boost the hype at the time of release, all it does is strip older champs/stories of their past glory, and leave a trail of champs and stories who just aren't quite sure of what they are or where they fit in. Taliyah was an example of this done properly. Her lore relied heavily on the crutch of Yasuo and Azir. But in no way did it belittle either. The story was about her, and she met other champs along the way. Yasuo's lore wasn't re-written to accomodate her story. Her inclusion in his life didn't in any way change our perception of him. He is still the slick rogue warrior he always was. He didn't get the shit beat outta him with moonlight. **So, If you want to use an existing lore as a crutch for a new lore, thats great! But you shouldn't undermine the original in doing so.** I used to be really into the lore of league of legends, (and still am), but because large elements of it change several times a year, it's hard to settle into it comfortably. Every time I read something I think "Oh thats cool! But... will it still be here next year?" and when you cant even be sure the story you are reading will be cannon in a few months time, what's the point getting into the universe? Even summoners are still an issue, tons of champs still reference summoners, even after out of the blue riot was like "Summoners don't exist. goodbye.", so now we are stuck in this limbo with champs talking to imaginary wizards, and we still have 'summoner spells' but no explanation, and all the rest. Just like champions, people want a universe that has some degree of stability. Shurima's lore was 100% cemented when Azir came out, lots of champions had their lore changed to accomodate him, an entire region we knew practically nothing about appeared out of the blue. There were videos and teaser trailers, artworks, stories, everything! It was the most solid lore implementation ever. A year or two later, large parts were rewritten, for no reason. Why? Aatrox and the Darkin didn't even need a lore revamp. Literally nothing changed about Aatrox, he looks almost identical, he still spreads war and destruction. The only thing you changed was his abilities, why did he need a whole new backstory? Why cant you just think up new stories for new champs? They don't have to always clash with existing ones. Every time a new champ comes out for an existing region. Someones toes get stamped on, and theres a whole revamp of that region. Why?
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