Make Kayle good again

Rn, Kyle is only good late game, she has no early or even mid game tbh, there is too much reliance on getting to 11, which is hard with champs like Illoai, Morde, Tahm and Darius to name a few, I honestly think, the kayle rework was one of the worst changes they could have made, old kayle was able to do something, being ranged (with e activation) no that she has to be perma melee till 11, she has no way of doing anything when engaged on, she can w q out, lose the trade, rinse and repeat. So she was super weak when reworked, people started to learn the runes and builds, she was strong, Rito nerfed her, now she is one of the worst champs in the game with no good matchups, I honestly think, a buff or change, needs to happen, make her current E be her old E, then when she hits 11, change it back to current E, yes, this will mean a rework to the passive as well, but like, something needs to be done to fix Kayle, she i sone of my favourite champs, and I dreaded her rework, and this is why, it's nearly impossible to win lane against all the other broken top laners, and I am not taking her mid, where anymage will one shot her cause mage balance am I right.
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