Oceanic Discord Server (League of Legends)

http://i63.tinypic.com/9aycuh.png DISCORD SERVER LINK: https://discord.me/leagueoceania ___________________________________________________ This is a Discord server dedicated to League of Legends players on the Oceanic server. ___________________________________________________ Includes: -Chat Room * Includes a main chat room where you can speak about absolutely anything you want, including finding people to play with you * If you have a rank then you will gain access to a chat room dedicated to people of the same rank, this makes it easier for you to find people of similar skill level to play ranked with -10 Voice Channels * A 'Play & Listen' Voice Channel where you can listen to music while you play League * A 'DJ Sona' Voice Channel where you can listen to DJ Sona play some beats while you play League * Rooms 1-9 can have up to 5 people * Room 10 can have up to 10 people -Roles * Join to get instant Member role when a moderator or admin is online -Factions * Choose a League of Legends Faction and gain a role based on the faction you chose http://tinypic.com/r/2cekifr/9 -Bots * Tatsumaki (Name: Cube) - Allows you to level up on the server by being online and chatting * Music Bot - Plays music * DJ Sona - Plays the DJ Sona music * LoL Bot - Allows you to search up LoL stats for champions and servers * & 4 More Bots -Leveling Up * You can level up by chatting. Type t!profile to see your level! -League Rank * Message the Owner a screenshot of your profile page so you can be given a Discord Role based on your League Rank http://i66.tinypic.com/2567ip5.png
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