Can I get compensation for the $275 I spent on 100 prestige points seeing there $25 now?

Hello rito, nice job of screwing over your player base. I spent $275 on chests to get enough prestige points to get a skin, and now with the msi thing its only going to cost $25. I feel ripped off, and want compensation for it. From now on I think I might just wait every year around this time for the $25 100 points and not bother getting it any other time of year, sort of like the halloween skins released once a year, or the champions skins released at msi and worlds. Its good for people who want a prestige skin for cheap, but leaving me feeling like the amount of time, money, and saving I had to do to get that skin was a waste, and leaving me feeling like your a money grubbing scam company like an EA games with micro transactions (your not that far off with your chests being child gambling, lucky you haven't done a pay to win which is what makes you still cool). Just my opinion and it really has no influence in the world but you hurt my feelings and now I'm on the forums talking about it. Your eternal fan since 2014, Mark
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