Let's be nice.

I made a post mid last year and with all the recent events surrounding depression I thought I would repost what I wrote last year. *** This is just a friendly reminder for the players. **Let's be nice!!!** Seriously though! Reading a thread post recently about verbal abuse and my own past history with the League community has prompted me to writing this post. I would like to remind everyone that this is indeed a game but at the same time it is a community. That mean's that behind the other 9 champions in any given game is a real person. With real feelings. Let's be nice to one another instead of putting each other down. The League community should be building each other up not trying to tear each other apart. I encourage anyone that reads this to be as nice as they can to their fellow players from this point onwards. Be supportive and understanding when someone makes a mistake in game. Give them advice on how to play better and reduce the chances of making the same mistake. Give kudos when someone does an exceptional play. Sincerely try and make the game a good game so that when the game does end and you say GG it actually means something rather than just saying it for the sake of saying it. I've truly had games that were exceptionally good because everyone in it was playing well and was nice to each other. The game lasted an hour long because of how equal the teams were. But the main source of enjoyment I got out of this game was because of the friendliness of not just my team but the enemy too. Everyone was commending each other on various plays and laughing about their mistakes. No trash talking. No derogatory comments. Just good sportsmanship. Let's make this a friendlier community! Let's be nice! Have a good day. GunGale [@DW_GunGale](http://www.twitter.com/dw_gungale)
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