'Report _____ for _____!' should be an instant 5 game chat restriction.

If you do it in /all, it's 15. I have had it with these lowlife children trying to witch hunt people in my games for making a small mistake. Filthy degenerate cockroaches trying to get people in trouble because they know Riot's system is garbage and flawed and they know that the more reports someone gets, even if they're wrong, the likelier they are to be punished. I have lost track of how many filthy duos have made up crap like, "Report _____ for racism, abuse, or any other bullcrap thing that the person hasn't done". What's worse is that 9/10 the person just ignores them and is wondering what the enemy team is talking about and who's being toxic or racist. I actually feel sorry for these people that are targetted because the duo is bronze trash trying to climb when they're hard stuck in bronze 5. I'd rather play with racist, abusive, intentionally feeders than the pathetic snakes that ask for reports.
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