New Skarner no longer a duelist

I don't mean to be rude or anything but i stopped maining skarner top because skarner is no longer a duelist, I know he is more popular jungle than top but i miss the days when riot would make a champion that is suitable for any lane. Anyway my point... Skarner seems to be an assasin now instead of a fighter, devourer is no longer good on the new skarner it's all cinderhulk now which makes people play skarner tank instead of damage which i prefer damage as it is much more fun in my opinion. Im not saying this is a nerf because the jungling is just redicilously OP but what im trying to say is that he should have greater duel and pusing potential because now they removed the crystal venom from his Q which is a huge nerf when it comes to fights. I just wish his Q would be returned back to how it was before because it will never be the same now. Please don't hate on me!
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