Smurfs are getting out of control.

Before i preface this, no the whole probability thing does not matter here so just listen before you start spouting some math bullshit. In the last week i have played around 50 games. In those 50 games i have been up against a gold smurf duo 10 times. And a full premade of smurfs twice. If i had not had those 12 unwinnable games id have a winrate of about 74% or around there for the entire week, instead its 50% These cunts are not here boosting friends. They arent even trolling. They are coming into these bronze games, destroying them and going 15/0 and shit like that, bragging about their score and going out of their way to tilt the enemy. And then they just keep queueing. And they do it for multiple hours a night (i know since i have alot of them added to atleast attempt to avoid their queues, which doesnt always work since sometimes they wait for me to queue) The sadistic fucks honestly give zero shits about the people around them in that elo, all they care about is having a few hours of fun dumpstering on what is effectively helpless people who cant defend themselves. I know riot likes to take a neutral stance on smurfing but holy fuck riot this is going too far. When around 25% of my fucking games are comprised of smurfs how can that be acceptable. Like no fucking wonder the mmr system is so fucking inaccurate. And before some of you are like "well maybe you/your premade is just bad" No the people i play with were silver last season and i myself was b1 (not on this account) we are playing at b5 elo. When im not against smurfs we dumpster the enemy teams so hard that its not even fun. We can tell when someones smurfing because of that one fact. That and the people ive added have shown me their mains. Now you can bitch and moan and be like "well just deal with it" if im getting smurfs in a fucking quarter of my games. Think about everyone else in my elo, if im dumpstering people in this elo, and these smurfs are dumpstering me, then everyone doesnt stand a fucking chance at all. and you can argue "well they will just climb out eventually" no because i can confirm, they will throw games on purpose to drop mmr to stay at their smurf elo, because i was in those games aswell. You want to argue that there isnt an elo hell. Elo hell isnt where you cant climb. Elo hell is where you cant improve because you are just that much better than your elo so you dont have anyone good to challenge you. But you are also in the smurf zone where they are so much better than you that you dont even have a chance to improve because you are too busy tearing your hair out. Fix this shit riot, make it fucking reportable, and follow up on the fucking reports. Its killing the fucking game.
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