Ok just got banned.

Just got a 2 week ban. And received this Email. Greetings coopersbeer, Actions that have been performed on your account are in violation of the League of Legends Terms of Use. You can review these terms at http://www.leagueoflegends.com/legal/termsofuse Due to the severity of this violation, your League of Legends account has been banned until Fri Dec 02 07:21:32 UTC 2016 If you have any questions, contact our Player Support team at https://support.leagueoflegends.com/home Riot Games Player Support Like I have no idea what would have caused this. I only played one game today. At the end of the game the game gave me a message I was banned and to check my Email. That was the message I got. It doesn't even tell me what supposed action I did to warrant a ban. Anyone else get crap like this?
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