Hey All, I'm Riot Belquin, part of the Riot OCE Esports Team - Ask me anything!

Hey Summoners! My name is Chris Schubert and I work in the Esports team in Riot OCE - my focus is on helping the local scene grow through our teams development and the ways fans can show their 'colours' and engage with their favourite players/teams. I'm here to help create a long term sustainable model for the OPL and Esports in OCE. We love our sport in this region, and I want us to be able to show it! {{summoner:4}} **ASK ME ANYTHING! I'll be around for a few hours answering questions.**{{summoner:4}} **Career Background** A little bit about my background - I've been with Riot for about 7 months now, before that I worked in traditional sports (specifically with a lower tier Rugby League team). During that time I completed my MBA, explored options of going into the corporate world, but decided that my passion and love for gaming was the path I wanted to go down. I decided that I wanted to follow my passion and make a difference in Esports and League of Legends in Oceania. **My Gaming History** My love of gaming started as a child with Snes, N64 which I loved Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers. Once I got to high school, my vices became Counter Strike - playing in a LAN cafe after school every Friday, as well as Warcraft 3 - Frozen Throne (Dota allstars, Footy Wars WOOOOOH!), Natural Selection. I had a fairly long stretch after that of playing World of Warcraft - starting off with Raiding, but then mostly Arenas. I achieved Gladiator rank 4 times on a number of classes and was a fairly high rated Aussie player (250ms wtf). When I started working full-time, I transitioned back to just playing Dota, then HON, then League and Dota 2 and then League of Legends again. Nowadays I'm playing some Player Unknowns: Battlegrounds, Diablo, Hots, CS:GO and still loving my League of Legends. **Let's Talk League** I'm a Mid/ADC main - My favourite Champions are Orianna, Anivia and Syndra for mid and Ezreal/Caitlyn in the bot lane. I do sometimes like to have a crack at LeBlanc mid and Lucian adc, but they're too mechanical for me haha {{summoner:3}} Enough about me - tell me about you guys, or throw any questions you have at me :) Ask me anything!

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