Generalists, or Specialists? That is the question.

#Generalists vs Specialists The game has many champions each with their own play style, but most of them fit comfortably within two categories. **Generalists** and **Specialists**. Generalists are champs with general overall power. Most of the time: They're tanky, they have relatively high damage output which often comes from a mix of auto attacks and abilities, they have relatively short cool downs, farm relatively well, have a decent chunk of utility, etc etc. They're good at a lot of things, and not _particularly_ bad at anything. These are champs like Jax/Garen/Hecarim/Urgot/Xin etc. Specialists are champs who _(in the gaming sense)_ max out particular stats, at the expense of others. They either have incredibly high damage, or utility, or survivability. But have to pick one. These are champs who are masters at what they do, but have major shortcomings when it comes to other things. Champs like Zoe/Aurelion Sol/Rammus/Kindred/Twitch etc. ______________________________ #Our preference We probably all have a preference as to which kind of champs we prefer playing. I for example prefer specialist champs. I like picking my moments and unleashing maxed out stats on specific people. I'm not really a fan of wading knee high into battle and swinging a big stick in circles. Likewise, many people prefer generalists, they like always being ready for anything, able to hold their ground when they need to, knowing they can be relied upon. And they aren't fans of hovering on the outskirts of battle, not really being in the thick of things, and waiting for a moment that may never come. It may be a case of 'The grass is greener on the other side.' In my experience, _(and i've been around a while :P)_ people complain the most about the other type of champions. I play specialists, and you don't often hear me complaining about champs like Zoe or Xerath or Karthus or Veigar, or any of those champs that often give people migraines. You hear me complaining more about Lee Sin, Yasuo and Jax and Darius and Nasus. And other champs that can 'do it all'. Meanwhile generalist players don't have problems with Lee or Illaoi or Garen or Irelia etc. But can't stand Zoe or Evelynn or Heimerdinger etc, who have a 'super OP mechanic'. ______________________________ #Can we have a game without the other? Obviously a mix of different play styles is best, and healthy for the game. But the majority of the population is bound to swing one way of the other, in terms of prejudice. To fit within the style of gaming that we prefer. For the longest time i've been campaigning against champs like Yasuo who can do so much so easily, in favour of champs like Sol who is great at one thing and shit at others. Because I prefer games where you have to think and plan a little, be a wizard and concoct intricate spells, rather than being the hero and charge straight at the dragon with a flaming sword. But that is of course trying to change league to fit my ideal perception of it. It may well be that the vast majority of players what the opposite. So i'm interested to see just what people think about the two approaches to the game. Do you prefer generalists in league? Or specialists? Why? If you had to remove one, and the whole game was made up of just generalists like Irelia and Xin, or made up of just specialists like Azir and Zoe. what game would be better? _(hypothetically of course)_. Im not going to make a poll, because people just vote and leave, they don't contribute their thoughts. What do you think? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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