Looking for Beta testers for my new app

WeCount BETA - Apps on Google Play
Use your phone to enhance your League of Legends gameplay. With WeCount you and you're team share the valuable knowledge of the enemies summonerspell cooldowns. Want to gank top? check WeCount and see if their Flash is up. Just open the app and press the clock, you'll automatically be placed with your team and you'll be ready for that sweet GG EZ!
Hi everyone, I just created a new app (with permission from Riot and all), which is used to keep track of the enemy summoner cooldowns but as a team. For example, I see Lux use flash and I start a timer, everyone in my team who uses the app sees that same timer going down. So it enhances the communication about enemy summonerspell cooldowns The Beta version is completed now and I am actually looking for people to use it and give me some feedback. It's already in the Google Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hughes.wecount It's an Android app now and will go to IOS in the future (if people like it). It just needs your summonername to be used Thanks!! If you have any questions or tips, here's the twitter account for the app https://twitter.com/WeCount7

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