My opinion on the new changes

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Browsing the boards I've noticed an overwhelming influx of posts complaining about the new runes and essence system. I for one, would just like to say that I really appreciate that the Riot team aren't afraid to make big steps like this in order to progress with LoL's ongoing evolution. Whilst the runes are a tad confusing to dive into (compared to what we've been used to for years), I really see some fun potential with them down the line and I think people are over-reacting a bit. The old system was stale, and nothing but a "copy paste" (admit it, most of us unranked people didn't bother to customise our Runes and Masteries to personal taste but rather mimic the pros setup). I also think the extra champion shards we get now will hopefully give us a wider variety of champions played other than strictly the meta, as a support main it's tiring to play only with Tristana/Jinx players all day. (To be fair though, I'm also to blame playing only Raka/Nami/Sona) Anyway just wanted to say a big thanks to the Rioters on the boards for putting up with this community, and not caving in to player demands all the time (especially to the players that demand extra rights like un-banning accounts for having paid $$$ for skins, and the players that love to whinge on the boards) Also a "cheers" to the players who are being a good sport about the changes, a game is only as fun as us players make it for ourselves :) GLHF on the Rift {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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