Accurately defining a champions 'Difficulty'

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Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
Im sure we are all familiar with this in game: Enemy X champ gets a triple kill and someone comments _"Play a champ with skill!"_ and this starts off the whole _"NO! X CHAMP HAS A HIGH SKILLCAP, THEY ARE HARD TO PLAY DUMBASS!"_ charade. Ive seen and been part of discussions on the boards too about this very thing, people who play a certain champ always say _"This champ is hard to play"_ and people who play against them say _"no they aren't!"_ its human nature, no-one wants to admit to playing an 'easy' champion. But eventually we do have to face the facts that some champions are just unequivocally easier than others. But champion difficulty is not as simple as the little purple bar on their profile, you'd be really surprised how many people see it and think _"Oh good my champ is hard to play, this makes me good!"_ or think _"Not just anyone can play this champ, i must be special"_ or _"Damn this champ is easy, i don't want to play them cos people will make fun of me."_ _________________ Champions essentially have 2 levels of difficulty: 1. The minimum skill required to not feed with that champ (Skill floor) 2. The minimum skill required to play that champ to the best they can possibly be played (Skill ceiling) This means that even if your champ has a 10/10 difficulty rating, they could still be easy to play, and champs with a 3/10 may be quite difficult to play to a decent level. Riot only have 1 purple bar, so they cant show both factors and need to either pick one to show, or average it out. A champion like Zed for example, is pretty easy to play (lets face it) you can just spam your spells in lane and use your targetable ultimate on someone you want to kill, and as long as you press W before Q and E its pretty hard to go wrong, and its likely that you'll still do fairly well. However, Zed's kit has the potential to be so tricky that people just do not know how to play against you if you utilise it properly, and to do that is very very difficult. This makes him an easy champion to play and not to feed with, but also makes him very tricky to play properly. Which is why he is competent in all Elo's, bronze players can spam his spells for a pentakill and feel like god, while Faker can still zip from shadow to shadow to in worlds and not be condemned for playing an 'easy' champion. A champion like Blitzcrank, is probably not the easiest to play straight off the bat, you have to land your pulls to be any good at all, and you have to be very careful knowing when to engage and when to retreat, when to use your ult to silence, and when not to use it to maximise damage. However, while not as easy to learn as another support like Morgana. Once you can use him, its not a huge step to being able to use him to his full potential, if you can land pulls reliably, theres not a huge amount more that you can do to be more effective with blitz. So its difficult to label a champion with a difficulty: is Zed easy because even new players can do well with him? Or is he hard because only players like Faker can use him properly? Is Blitz hard because you have to land a difficult ability that anyone with a dash can dodge? Or is he easy because once you can land the skillshot, you don't have far to go before you're the best Blitz OCE? ___________________ **If you're only skimming, read this part Kat and Lee players!** {{champion:55}} {{champion:64}} This is the conundrum, and if you want proof, look at the difficulty bars themselves. We all see Kat and think _"fuck she's an easy champ"_ But Katarina actually has an 8/10 on the difficulty rating, (just 1 less point than Azir, and 1 more than Thresh). We all look at Lee and think _"Wow Lee players must be so good to play such a complex champ so well"_ but Lee Sin only ranks 6/10 (So according to Riot, Lee Sin, is easier to play than Katarina.) He is easier to play than Karthus, Heimerdinger, Vladimir, Urgot, and has the same difficulty rating as Teemo! (have I got your attention now Lee Sin players?) Most of you, not just Lee players, will now shake your head and go _"obviously thats wrong"_, and thats my point, Just because Yasuo has a 10/10 difficulty rating, doesn't make him hard to play, and Just because Karthus' kit is simple and he can just press R, doesn't mean his potential is easy to unlock, there is a lot more at play. ____________________ I have made a chart to demonstrate a more accurate way of examining a champion's difficulty. As you can see, Some champions like Aurelion Sol are pretty hard to play. If you get out of position, You die! If someone comes inside your stars, You die! If you make the slightest mistake, You die! But once you get to know the champ and can play them properly, theres not a whole lot left for you to learn, you still just smack shit with stars until it dies. Other champions like Lee Sin and Yasuo are the opposite, anyone can play them and do pretty well, but to play them to 100% of their potential is very technically complex, and not just anyone can do it, (in-fact most people can't do it). The stats on the chart are probably not pinpoint accurate as I don't have the exact information statistics, but they are close enough to give an accurate demonstration of some of the more interestingly contested champions. (and some champions to show some variety in skill levels) The highest part of the purple bar shows how much skill is needed to reach a champion's skill ceiling, and the lowest part of the purple shows the skill needed to play at their skill floor. _Note* just because a champion's skill ceiling/floor is higher or lower than another champion's, doesnt mean that they are better/worse than the other champ, it just shows the level of skill needed to play said champ._ _____________________ Now some of you will be like _"Why has he made this post.. thats obvious"_. But to a lot of people it isn't obvious! They take the little purple bar, or some 1 liner that a pro or Youtuber said, at face value. So next time you're in a game and X champion aces you, think about not only their skill floor, but their skill ceiling as well! Think to yourself _"Yes that champ may be easy to play, but judging from what they just did, that player must be at the higher end of that champion's skill."_ Next time you want to argue that all X champ players are noobs and that you have to be good to play them, think about their skill floor, not just about their skill ceiling, and think of yourself like you are further up on the skill chart than other X champ players, rather than trying to sell the idea that you're a normal X player and that no one else is good enough to even be on the chart. Anyway, enjoy more 'Lord Sesshomaru' controversy! :P
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