Please someone help explain

After you win 2/3 promos and rank up you get put in the next division with 0 LP so how do you know how many games you need to lose before you get ranked down again, i have once lost 6 games in a row and was ranked down on the 6th and then next time i was ranked down on the 2nd loss i dont know how it works, how is it calculated and how do i find out if i have 1 more to lose or 5. it feels like its a ratchet system where you need to go through promos to rank up but to rank down you just fall off the other end. why cant there be promos for ranking down or at least when you are ranked up you get put on 10 LP or something, i was just ranked up and lost two games straight away so I'm terrified to play another game, it took me long enough to rank up i dont wanna go straight down again just because i don't know how many games i need to lose. anyway someone please help explain how i can find out how many games i have as a safety net before i go down again.
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