A question for Riot :)

Im really interested in the whole voice acting situation, such awesome voices like Jhin and Kindred have really got me interested, i was just wondering what the regulations are for the actors? For example are the actors allowed to voice the characters for non-official riot things? If say the actor for Jhin (just using him as an example because his voice is so awesome) really likes the game and wanted to make a youtube channel or something for himself about League of Legends, could he put on the Jhin voice in his video's without Riot's permission? Or what if another youtuber or podcaster hired the actor to do the voice on their show, are they allowed? What if the actor did the voice for free instead of being paid? do they have contracts with Riot that cover this kind of thing? or are they just hired to perform the service and then thats it? if another company (say an anime dubbing one) hired the voice actor for a character and said "we want him to sound like the character you did for Lol" is the actor allowed to re-produce that voice for them? What if the anime was a non profit cause (not making money from the voice), would that change it? i would really like to know the answers to these questions, if someone from Riot could respond that would be so great :) or maybe put me in touch with someone who deals in this kind of thing? thanks :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} -Obito Uchiha-
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