EDIT: So as Klavinmour advised me, 'Loss Prevented' was an engine to protect a player from server-side issues and thus hasn't gone anywhere, so now I feel like a bit of a tart. BUT I argue that it'd still be an excellent tool to utilize in PvP as an AFK buffer. After all server issues AND afk are unfair fields Additionally as Bunny pointed out one could just leave to save the team in a defeat. However if the afk penalty is severe enough no-one will be willing to make that sacrifice. -Original post as below, I'm keeping the sarcasm, it fuels me- The 'Loss prevented' feature in ranked was once the only buffer between your LP and an unfair game situation (In this case, 'AFK'). The system it ran on was 'earnest' at best but in most cases fairly protected your rank and reputation whilst still rewarding the enemy for their (typically lucky) victory. Needed work though, I get that. But hell to that, bit too much _slight_ tinkering to do to make it function, am I right? Yeah nah lads, scrap it, can't have Entropy and fairness floating around like a day old fart now can we? Time and time again I've been on the losing end of an AFK, and usually the enemy is very gracious. 9 reports later and I find no action taken on rectifying the issue, with only my LP I had to lose for all the _nothing_ to happen. Neato burrito. So if we don't want to solve individual cases then 'Loss Prevented' is quite literally our only shot. Hard to program? Too bad. That's what coders are paid for, they love a challenge. **This is how I suggest it runs;** TEAM WITH 4 PLAYERS * Unfair playing field * Gain NO 'Pity LP' BUT AT THE LEAST don't lose any either (Gosh that almost sounds logical) TEAM WITH NO AFK * Free LP yay! LP rates are the same, bad luck is bad luck FREELO bois~ Oooootherwiiise~ Riot Games (as a well established MOBA gaming company) are (as highlighted in this thread and as evident in literally every god damn ranked game ever) * Removing a logically sound and fairness balancing mechanic (Line 1-2) * Taking little to no evident action in the current '''''''''method'''''''' of punishing those whom leave the games (Lines 4-6) * Continuing the Youtube-ranted-ongoing-consistently-ignored-clear-as-day-blatant-issue of punishing the unlucky (Line 5) If Riot is already working on reviving the system, kudos! I tip my fedora-the-explorer to you. But people of the community; Cmon, seriously we need to add some pressure to this issue, we've aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall~ experienced it regardless of rank please vote below.
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