Super long queue times

Hi, I am a super casual gamer who spams ARAMs and sometimes normals. It's come to my attention that it takes so long for me to get a game. Even when the average queue time is at 1min~1:30, it takes me at least 5 minutes to get a game going and this is excluding the time the game gets dodged during picks. I wondered what the reason was and first thought it might be because I am unranked and the system tries to match people with similar ranks? But although I don't play ranked now, I used to until last year and I should have mmr of at least high plat or diamond 5. And back then I had no trouble getting a queue as they were either at around the average wait time or lower. Do I have to play a bit of ranked to get myself into ranked just to get a better queue time or is there simply less people in OCE server?
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