Does anyone else keep a list of their champs and skins??

Chatting with my mate while looking over the internet trying to find a website that lets me know how much money iv wasted. I mean invested in this game haha. (if anyone knows a decent working one, it would be awesome if you passed on the information.) But just thought if there was anyone else who kept a list if you&#039;d like to share. Here&#039;s mine currently but still waiting on 6 or 7 mystery skins from riot for the current event. Ahri: 5 Dynasty Ahri Midnight Ahri Foxfire Ahri Challanger Ahri Popstar Ahri Akali: 7 Stinger Akali All Star Akali Headhunter Akali Crimson Akali Silverfang Akali Bloodmoon Akali Nurse Akali Alistar: 5 Matador Alistar Longhorn Alistar Unchained Alistar Infernal Alistar Sweeper Alistar Amumu: 8 Pharaoh Amumu Vancouver Amumu Emumu Re-Gifted Amumu Almost Prom King Amumu Little Knight Amumu Sad Robot Amumu Suprise Party Amumu Anivia: 5 Team Spirit Anivia Bird Of Prey Anivia Noxus Hunter Anivia Hextech Anivia Blackfrost Anivia Annie: 9 Goth Annie Red Riding Annie Annie In Wonderland Prom Queen Annie Frostfire Annie Reverse Annie Frakentibbers Annie Sweetheart Annie Panda Annie Ashe: 7 Freljord Ashe Sherwood Forest Ashe Woad Ashe Queen Ashe Amethyst Ashe Heartseeker Ashe Marauder Ashe Bard: 1 Elderwood Bard Blitzcrank: 6 Goalkeeper Blitzcrank Boom Boom Blitzcrank Piltover Customs Blitzcrank Definitely Not Blitzcrank iBlitzcrank Riot Blitzcrank Brand: 4 Apocolyptic Brand Vandal Brand Cyrocore Brand Zombie Brand Cho'gath: 6 Nightmare Cho'gath Gentleman Cho'gath Lock Ness Cho'gath Jurassic Cho'gath Battlecast Cho'gath Prehistoric Cho'gath Corki: 6 Ice Toboggan Corki Red Baron Corki Urf Rider Corki Dragonwing Corki Fnatic Corki Hotrod Corki Darius: 4 Lord Darius Bioforge Darius Woad King Darius Dunkmaster Darius Dr. Mundo: 6 Toxic Dr. Mundo Mr Mundoverse Corporate Mundo Rageborn Mundo TPA Mundo Mundo Mundo Draven: 2 Soul Reaver Draven Gladiator Draven Evelynn: 4 Shadow Evelynn Masquerade Evelynn Tango Evelynn Safe Cracker Evelynn Ezreal: 8 Pulse Fire Ezreal Nottingham Ezreal Striker Ezreal Frosted Ezreal Explorer Ezreal Debonair Ezreal TPA Ezreal Ace of Spades Ezreal Fiddlesticks: 8 Spectral Fiddlesticks Union Jack Fiddlesticks Bandito Fiddlesticks Pumpkin Head Fiddlesticks Fiddlemetimbers Suprise Party Fiddlesticks Dark Candy Fiddlesticks Risen Fiddlesticks Fizz: 4 Atlantean Fizz Tundra Fizz Fisherman Fizz Void Fizz Gangplank: 5 Spooky Gangplank Minute Man Gangplank Sailor Gangplank Special Forces Gangplank Sultan Gangplank Garen: 6 Desert Trooper Garen Commando Garen Dreadknight Garen Rugged Garen Steel Legion Garen Rogue Admiral Garen Gragas: 6 Hillbilly Gragas Vandal Gragas Superfan Gragas Fnatic Gragas Oktoberfest Gragas Scuba Gragas Graves: 6 Hired Gun Graves Jailbreak Graves Cut Throat Graves Mafia Graves Riot Graves Pool Party Graves Hecarim: 4 Blood Knight Hecarim Dark Reaper Hecarim Headless Hecarim Arcade Hecarim Heimerdinger: 4 Alien Invader Heimerdinger Blast Zone Heimerdinger Piltover Customs Heimerdinger Snowmerdinger Janna: 5 Tempast Janna Hextech Janna Forst Queen Janna Forecast Janna Fnatic Janna Jax: 7 The Mighty Jax Vandal Jax Angler Jax Jaximus Temple Jax Nemesis Jax SKT T1 Jax Jayce: 3 Fullmetal Jayce Debonair Jayce Forsaken Jayce Jinx: 2 Mafia Jinx Firecracker Jinx Karthus: 4 Statue Of Karthus Grim Reaper Karthus Pentakill Karthus Fnatic Karthus Kassadin: 3 Festival Kassadin Pre Void Kassadin Harbringer Kassadin Katarina: 8 Mercenary Katarina Red Card Katarina Bilgewater Katarina Kitty Cat Katarina High Command Katarina Sandstorm Katarina Slay Belle Katarina Warring Kingdoms Katarina Kayle:5 Viridian Kayle Unmasked Kayle Judgement Kayle Aether Wing Kayle Battleborn Kayle Kennan: 5 Deadly Kennan Swamp Master Kennan Karatee Kennan Kennan M.D Artic Ops Kennan Kogmaw: 2 Reindeer Kogmaw Deep Sea Kogmaw Lux: 2 Imperial Lux Steel Legion Lux Malphite: 6 Shamrock Malphite Marble Malphite Obsidian Malphite Glacial Malphite Mecha Malphite Coral Reef Malphite Maokai: 5 Festive Maokai Charred Maokai Totemic Maokai Haunted Maokai GoalKeeper Maokai Master Yi: 4 Chosen Master Yi Ionia Master Yi Samurai Master Yi Headhunter Master Yi Miss Fortune: 8 Cowgirl Miss Fortune Waterloo Miss Fortune Secret Agent Miss Fortune Candy Cane Miss Fortune Mafia Miss Fortune Arcade Miss Fortune Captain Fortune Road Warrior Miss Fortune Mordekaiser: 5 King Of Clubs Mordekaiser Dragon Knight Mordekaiser Infernal Mordekaiser Pentakill Mordekaiser Lord Mordekaiser Morgana: 5 Exiled Morgana Sinful Succulence Morgana Blade Mistress Morgana Blackthorn Morgana Ghost Bride Morgana Nami: 2 Urf the Nami-tee Rivir Spirit Nami Nasus: 6 Galatic Nasus Pharoh Nasus Dreadknight Nasus Riot K-9 Nasus Infernal Nasus Archduke Nasus Nidalee: 6 Snow Bunny Nidalee Leopard Nidalee French Maid Nidalee Pharoh Nidalee Head Hunter Nidalee Warring Kingdoms Nidalee Nunu: 6 Sasquatch Nunu Workshop Nunu Grungy Nunu Nunu Bot Demolisher Nunu TPA Nunu Olaf: 4 Forsaken Olaf Glacial Olaf Brolaf Pentakill Olaf Poppy: 6 Noxus Poppy Lollipoppy Ragdoll Poppy Battle Regalia Poppy Scarelet Hammer Poppy Black Smith Poppy Rammus: 6 Chrome Rammus Molten Rammus Ferljord Rammus Ninja Rammus Full Metal Rammus Guardian of the Sands Rammus Rumble: 2 Bilgewater Rumble Super Glaxy Rumble Ryze: 7 Tribal Ryze Uncle Ryze Professor Ryze Zombie Ryze Dark Crystal Ryze Pirate Ryze Shaco: 6 Royal Shaco Nutcracko Workshop Shaco Asylum Shaco Masked Shaco Wild Card Shaco Singed: 2 Augmented Singed Snowday Singer Sion: 4 Hextech Sion Barbarian Sion Lumberjack Sion Warmonger Sion Sivir: 5 Warrior Princess Sivir Spectacular Sivir Bandit Sivir Snowstorm Sivir Warden Sivir Sona: 6 Muse Sona Pentakill Sona Silent Night Sona Guqin Sona Arcade Sona DJ Sona Soraka: 5 Divine Soraka Celestine Soraka Reaper Soraka Order of the Banana Soraka Dyrad Soraka Swain: 1 Bilgewater Swain Taric: 3 Emerald Taric Armour of the Fifth Age Taric Bloodstone Taric Teemo: 7 Happy Elf Teemo Recon Teemo Badger Teemo Cottontail Teemo Super Teemo Panda Teemo Omega Squad Teemo Trsitana: 6 Riot Girl Tristana Earnest Elf Tristana Firefighter Tristana Guerilla Tristana Buccaneer Tristana Rocket Girl Tristana Tryndamere: 6 Highland Tryndamere King Tryndamere Viking Tryndamere Demonblade Tryndamere Warring Kingdom Tryndamere Nightmare Tryndamere Twisted Fate: 8 Musketeer Twister Fate Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate The Magnificent Twisted Fate Tango Twisted Fate High Noon Twisted Fate Underworld Twisted Fate Red Card Twisted Fate Cut Purse Twisted Fate Twitch: 5 Whistler Village Twitch Kingpin Twitch Gangster Twitch Vandal Twitch Pickpocket Twitch Udyr: 4 Black Belt Udyr Primal Udyr Spirit Guard Udyr Definitely Not Udyr Veigar: 7 Curling Veigar Veigar Greybeard Leprachaun Veigar Baron Von Veigar Superb Villan Veigar Bad Santa Veigar Final Boss Veigar Vladmir: 5 Marquis Vladimir Vandal Vladimir Nosferatu Vladimir Blood Lord Vladimir Count Vladimir Volibear: 4 Thunder Lord Volibear Northern Storm Volibear Runeguard Volibear Captain Volibear Warwick: 4 Tundra Hunter Warwick Feral Warwick Firefang Warwick Hyena Warwick Xin Zhao: 3 Commander Xin Zhao Imperial Xin Zhao Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao Zilean: 4 Shurima Desert Zilean Time Machine Zilean Blood Moon Zilean Old Saint Zilean Zyra: 1 Wildfire Zyra Wards: 7 Slaughter Fleet Ward Lantern of The Serpent Ward Firecracker Ward Gingerbread Ward Bat-o-Lantern Ward Golden Goal Ward Starcall Ward Also is there anywhere with the complete list of skins in game? PS. Had to edit it swapped mystery gifts with my friend this morning. He got Imperial Zin and Groovy Zilean.. I got Pulsefire Ezreal and Whistler Village Twitch. Safe to say <<< Happy collector.
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