Unless you're gold or above, please don't post on boards

it was brought to my attention today that I probably should not be initiating discussions about champs because I'm just silver. Would like to make a PSA announcement right now to the ~134,000 players in bronze and silver - we should not bother posting discussions here and in fact we should probably just log off the boards because there are 47k people who are better than us and therefore our opinions, questions, and thoughts about the game are completely invalid. Just because bronze and silver make up ~75% of the OCE population, it doesnt mean we should have a voice and it basically means we're scrubs and we haven't got a clue about how this game works. http://puu.sh/lRbUe/7f89c5b469.png So remember kids, even if you're part of the majority of the population on this server and you have questions or thoughts about mechanics in the game or would like to discuss quirks of particular characters with other people interested in the game, please remember that we're silver and bronze and that our opinion is worthless. Big thank you to ~~**dont name shame**~~ for helping to highlight that 3 out of 4 people who play this game are stupid and that their opinion does not matter.
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