New Warring Kingdoms skins

Warring Kingdoms Varus and Azir. Warring Kingdoms Varus: appearance: will look a bit like warring kingdoms tryndamere, maybe different colours passive: similar but different colour q: similar. differnet colour, maybe a golden tipped arrow w: red lanterns orbit the afflicted enemies e: either fires small rockets and has a fire work effect or a similar effect with different colours r: shoots a red dragon at enemies, which then swirls around them, different spreading animation and the snare will look like a dragon aswell Warring Kingdoms Azir appearance: looks like a royal emperor in either armor, robes, or a mixture of both passive: a large yellow or red sun. q: similar but red effect w: soldiers look like azir, but less royal e: a red shield instead of yellow, with some sort of cool effect, maybe a lion. dragon, or royal insignia r: similar to w change, soldiers re skinned
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