Udyr really needs a buff.

Udyr is extremely weak right now to the point where he's almost unplayable due to direct nerfs and indirect nerfs. Riot, you nerfed runic echoes (which, granted was a good idea as Udyr was far too strong with it) you nerfed swifties which, in my opinion was completely unwarranted and unnecessary. You removed devourer from the game completely and you also nerfed his pheonix stance somewhere along the lines which should be reverted considering you already gutted him by taking away all the decent items to build on him. Not to mention taking crit out of Trinity force, and recently changing black cleaver and all the other miscellaneous nerfs that you've done to different items it really has put him in an absolutely unplayable, underpowered and quite frankly laughable state. But don't just take my word for it, here's some statistics: Udyr's win rate is 49%, and his main build is tank with maybe a titanic hydra or a trinity force as his only damage item, the more damage you build on him the lower his winrate goes. With the tanky build the average damage dealt is 12742, and damage taken is 30588, not that bad for a tank, right? Wrong, you're dead wrong, Poppy's winrate is 49%, same as Udyr's but her average damage dealt is 18310, and damage taken is 27575! Maokai's winrate is 47%, while his damage dealt is usually 15855 and damage taken is 30520, this list just goes on and on Xin Zhao, damage dealt: 17057, damage taken: a whopping 34710, while his win rate is almost 50%! Darius, damage:18319 damage taken: 32581 winrate: 52.06% I can go on and on forever, his pheonix damage is the equivalent of a Janna Q, a fucking Janna Q, Riot, do you not see the problem here? Counter jungling him is the easiest thing on the planet, on almost any champion which includes but is not limited to: Volibear, Kha'Zix, Evelynn, Nunu, Lee Sin, Jarvan, Graves I mean it's just a joke how weak he is a jungler with no gap closer, he can't get over walls to run away and he doesn't even have the dueling power to beat other out of meta garbage like Eve and Nunu? The only thing this guys is good for is soaking up damage which in the stats shown he isn't even good at that! Only other thing this guy can do is build full AD and just "hur dur open the gates xdd" where he leaves your team in a 4v5 and isn't actually fast enough to get anywhere because of the nerf to swifties and runic echoes, I used to main udyr season late season 5 / early season 6 when he was actually decent, didn't play him for a while because I thought he was getting weak, came back to play him again and he's only gotten weaker! My God, this champion is like my damn baby man, you're killing my child Riot, your balance team are fucking child murderers, how does this make you feel? It doesn't matter how you build him as well, you'll lose either way, Q is purely physical and you fall off like nothing else late game, lee sin does more damage level 18 than a full AD Udyr does, he can't kill squishies anymore, damn, with all the movement speed nerfs to him he can't even get to the damn squishies in the first place! Full tank is just, wow, full tank is just redundant, why would I play udyr tank when I could probably play full tank katarina and still do better damage and tank more, why would I ever pick this champ over anything meta? or anything that's not meta, meta is irrelevant when it comes to Udyr. So I know what you're probably thinking, "Man, why is this salty kid just crying about this champ being underpowered, what does he want us to do about it?" Well my friend I have the answers. Solution A: Buff or revert the nerf to his R. You already took DV out of the game, you nerfed RE, you nerfed swifties and all the other items I mentioned, why does he still have his R nerfed? Solution B: Make his Q scale better, it falls off so hard late game, and not even late game, he falls off pretty much mid game, he begins to just feel weak around level 9 - 11, is Q doesn't scale well enough with items for him to be relevant at all late game. Solution C: (My favourite) A mixture of A and B, but also make his early damage slightly higher or buff his E, as getting counter jungled is just too easy for enemies to do. If you read to the end I thank you, upvote or whatever you do on this forum, and maybe comment if you agree / disagree with me or whatever. And Riot, why did you even nerf swifties in the first place? Who asked for swifties to get nerfed anyways?
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