The end of competitive League of Legends.

This would have been my sixth year playing this game. I've seen a lot of changes over the years, some good, some bad. But this truly takes the cake as the worst change I have ever seen. The entire point of ranked league of legends was that you had to be a good, flexible player. Able to play any role required well ENOUGH that you would be able to climb the ranks. With this new system that is now dead, it is going to become league of one trick ponies where more people will be less skilled at the game because they are not forced to actually try. What a horrible, casual environment in what is supposed to be a competitive game. Add to this that you can now queue with as many people as you like. Solo queue was already flawed by allowing duo queues because it skewed the true skill level of everyone in that game. But it was not QUITE impactful enough to matter. Now the game truly has no way to measure individual skill and ranked is now just a mode to mess around in as friends. Like Ranked 5v5 was for everyone but the highest end of players except less restrictive. League of Legends competitive side has ALWAYS been about solo queue, despite the huge showcasing of its competitive teams. Because it must be understood that the team side of competitive League is one watched and not played. For over 99% of competitive players in this game the experience has and always would be Solo Queue, which is a completely different game to high level competitive 5v5 play. This game is officially dead for all of those players, blind may still be fun for some but anyone who enjoyed playing this game competitively has been pushed to the side. I can see no way how these people can possibly enjoy this game any more. You have literally slapped aside everyone who ever took this game seriously to cater to the people who preferred to play casual mode. Because ranked is has essentially taken the place of the casual mode. There is no real reason to play casual any more when you can play with all your friends in a system that will rank you AND get the roles YOU want to play. I am being completely serious when I say you may as well just delete the casual mode altogether. Good job Riot, you've really outdone yourself. On the bright side my HDD is 20GB lighter. I won't be back unless this gets split into another game mode because there's nothing here for me now.

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