Shoutout to the Shoutcast 101 Mastrerclass video

Shoutcasting 101 - League of Legends
This masterclass was brought to you by the High School LoL Clubs initiative. Learn about starting a club at your high school at Shoutcasters featured: Froskurinn: Spawn: Rusty:
Really enjoyed watching it. at first i thought it was going to be abit of a wank where casters talk about the scene but nothing is really discussed or explained. Boy was i wrong. you explained how a shout-caster works behind the scenes and gave some depth about your careers. and the passion required to succeed. and more importantly how to get started if your new to it. by the end i was completely glued to the monitor. I had no idea the amount of work that is required and how systematic the whole thing is. Thanks for sharing this. For those who havint seen, spend 10 minutes and watch it. get an idea of what they do.
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