Stats of the Rgm Queue

Amount of times that the game mode has been out since the start of the Rgm queue. Urf - 3 Doom Bots - 2 Ascension - 6 The Legend of the Poro King - 5 Hexakill - 5 One for All - 4 Nexus Siege - 3 Definitely not Dominion - 3 Nemisis Draft - 1 As we can see, the worst game modes (in my opinion) are the ones that are shown up more often. My favourite are Urf and Doom bots, however the last time urf was up it was a stupid all random pick, which didn't suit my tastes at all since I loved the game mode no matter who I was vsing; all I wanted was to pick my own champion and try them out on urf (this was jhin). Tell me why the queue is random and not on a schedule, I'd rather and I would imagine many more would prefer a schedule that repeats so that the majority of people who want to play a game mode can organise their timetable to suit it rather than their favourite game mode coming out once in four months being random and them missing out. Also, Riot Games... get rid of Nemisis Draft, if I wanted different picks from my usual, I would take my chances with ARAM and not the enemy team. PS: please don't give me hate in the comments, I just want to enjoy LoL since its become stale with the meta and strict obligations when you join a game to fill a certain role on the team.

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