@Riot, Question about Sona's Voice

As we all know Riot's lore has been revamped, and one of the things I wanted to talk about is how summoners are no longer canon. Clearly this would mean that Sona's voice is now outdated because she communicates directly to the summoner, however, she is a mute in-game and her voice is what I assume to be her telepathically connecting to the summoner. Assuming her VO will be reworked in the future to match the lore revamp, will this mean {{champion:37}} will lose her in-game voice and perhaps have her VO similar to {{champion:432}} in the sense that she communicates through her etawahl (since she seems to do that already through her jokes, taunts, etc.) Or will Riot remove the fact that she is a mute completely? Perhaps there is some kind of compromise? **TL;DR **Will Sona's voice be removed to fit the lore revamp or will she no longer be a mute?
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