When the enemy team doesn't report a troll on our team.

Because they are happy that the troll on our team won them the fucking game. Fuck this community honestly. Just had a game with an Illaoi afk because Jhin accidentally stole blue with his 4th shot doing 1500 damage to it and he went fucking ape shit mad, afk'ed and walked around the base and spammed abilities so he doesn't get the afk warning. At the end of the game, we told the enemies to report Illaoi, and they said no because Illaoi took their towers and give Kha'Zix "me" gold when I ganked. I'm honestly so fucking pissed right now, I hate being racist and I don't wanna sound like a racist but these fucking asians are obnoxious (coming from an asian, me.) They always fucking do shit when something doesn't go their way. Literal fucking cancer this community, can't even have one game without one obnoxious %%%% just being a piece of shit after something doesn't go their way.
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