Yes, of course. Dark Star Jarvan!

New Epic skin: Dark Star Jarvan IV | League of Legends
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Because no other champion fits that theme better than Jarvan IV! I respect the skins team a lot. Truly, they do amazing work! But we see a lot of talk in ask riots and /dev etc. _"We don't pick a champ and say 'they haven't had a skin for a while' and make them a skin. We think of cool themes and turn them into skins for champs that we think work well with that theme."_ So, you're telling me that out of 150+ champs, Jarvan was the absolute next best fit you could think of for the Dark Star theme? No one in the whole skins team could think of a single champion that was a batter fit? Not Kench, who literally swallows everything. Not Fiddlesticks, who drains the life from people. Not Bard, who makes otherworldly wormholes through terrain, and stops time. Not Veigar, whose entire kit is themes around black holes. But Jarvan. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} What about Viktor, with his AoE pull-into-the-centre, or his circular ball of destruction floating in his ult. Even Viktor's mentality of 'turning everyone into something greater' matches Dark Star Thresh's theme of of being almost religious about the black hole. Meanwhile I can't think of a single thing that likens Jarvan to the Dark Star, his ult and flag actually create things, not destroy them. How was Jarvan considered a better choice than Viktor or any of the others? Like really? This rattles my faith somewhat in the process you keep telling us is the way you decide who gets a skin..
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