Suggestions For Rito

I have mostly disliked the champ re-works, but new Nunu is awesome. {{champion:20}} My issue is that he deals no damage unless you build AP, but he is more useful to the team as a tank. Please reduce AP scaling on his abilities and increase base damage. ATM he is fucking terrible in ARAM, to the point that (as tank nunu) going 4/4/37 got me an S (not S-) earlier today. Almost every AP Nunu I see in ARAM tends to fail, and I get many honours for going tank Nunu while dealing insignificant damage, even when you hit your ults. Another suggestion, that only applies to ARAM, is that I would like to see an option for getting back a champ you rolled after someone dodges. For example: You roll your fave champ in ARAM and someone dodges. You cry a single tear. {{item:3073}} New lobby. You use an ARAM reroll to regain that champ you rolled from the previously dodged queue. Only the last champ you rolled, and only if the game was dodged. I had half a dozen more suggestions, but I forgot them as I'm having Monday funday (on the piss @ 10am), lmao. I'll add them once I remember.
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