OCE Rioter Q&A - (Group 3 of 3)

The final group of OCE Rioters will join us on the Boards this coming Tuesday, 11th Dec from 4:00 to 5:00 PM AEDT, to chat with the community and answer some questions around what they do at Riot OCE. Finally, allow me to present the unsung heroes of the OCE office, the Talent Team. Drop them a question in this thread to find out what goes into keeping OCE Rioters happy and productive, which country is the hardest to get pro players into, or how to fix a leaky roof. WeirdyBeardy is also joining us, who can sate your curiosity around how we take LoL's huge publishing pipeline and distribute the contents across all of our channels OCE (lol.com, client, lolesports, social media etc) (Also, WeirdyBeardy shaved their beard off for charity recently, we weren't ready for that) --------------------- Achenar, Madplumerian and Smoothie - The Talent Team We form the Talent Team for the Oceanic office. The Talent team is responsible for all the behind-the-scenes work that supports the Riot Sydney team - all the facilities and services that other companies would refer to as 'HR'. As a result we know all the Sydney team's secrets - from their favourite snacks to their life goals. Without us, the team sits in the cold dark, starving and confused. ;) Madplumerian has been with Riot Sydney since the very first days of the office - Smoothie has just joined our team last week. You may know Smoothie from that time she took second place in the Music Cover Contest! --------------------- Achenar In addition to being a part of the Talent Team, I'm also the delivery manager for projects like Rift Rivals or the OPL Finals. For this I take care of all the project management and event production, and overall trying to make sure our events are the coolest possible. As a passion project I also run Oceania's fanart, fanfic, and cosplay community programs. I'll be finishing up at Riot Sydney at Christmas time as I'm moving to the USA for a few years - so want to use the opportunity here to say a huge thank you to the community for their passion and creativity. You guys rock, and I'll miss you! --------------------- WeirdyBeardy As the Head of Publishing for League of Legends in Oceania, it's my responsibility to ensure that players in the region get a regular flow of content and experiences that keep League fresh and exciting. I work with the teams in LA (such as the creators of Odyssey and K/DA) to publish their content in Oceania, and work with teams locally (such as the OPL or our League Partner Program) on anything from content creation to marketing and promotions.
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