A reflection on movement speed creep in today's (and tomorrow's) meta.

#Movespeed creep Its no secret that increased levels of movement speed have been steadily creeping into the game for some time, with item passives, champion abilities, and perhaps most significantly with the new rune system. I remember the days when 400 movement speed was impressive! These days, you need at least 400 move speed just to stay alive. Obviously this shifts a lot of power around, its easier to get caught out, it makes life much harder for split pushers etc. ___________________ #My observations with Taliyah I notably feel this change with Taliyah's W. Last season I seemed to be able to hit the vast majority of my W/E combos, perhaps 8/10, but now my average seems to be significantly less. The increased movement speed of champions gives them a much larger circle of possible locations they can get to within the 1 second it takes for her W to activate, making successfully predicting and landing the ability much harder _(not to mention its awkward casting system)_. Im not saying that Taliyah or other champs need a buff or anything, far from it! But I have noticed my personal potency with Taliyah decrease somewhat significantly from last season to this season. I've also noticed less Nami players around, and I seem to have a much easier time escaping from Cho'Gath's Q in time _(from which, escape used to be only a fools hope)_. I don't think these are huge issues in their current form _(if they even are issues)_, every champ should have his/her time in the sun _(and in the shade, *Cough, Zed's turn, cough.)_ But I keep wondering, what if, in the same way damage seems to be doing, movement speed keeps constantly creeping into the game, with no effort to actively halt it. _____________________ #Change? What do you think will happen? How will this affect champions whose kits rely on ground targeted moves such as Taliyah? Champs with skill shots like Ezreal? Split pushers like Yorick? Chasers like Udyr? How do you think this will affect fights? If higher map mobility makes split pushing less worthwhile, and makes getting caught out much easier, how will this affect gameplay? Will the fear of getting caught out, and the hope of catching someone out, increase warding? Will/does higher levels of MS funnel gameplay into relying on all out brawls? Ive noticed that the second half of many team fights these days seems to be a drawn-out retreat, with one team running away, and kills coming less from duelling and more from stragglers being hit by poke and CC as they run away and so fall behind and are consumed by the chasing team. Is this merely the current meta, or like damage, is this creep a more permanent and hard to reverse, aspect of the game? Riot are already afraid of cutting down the damage champs have, because it is off-putting when your champ feels like its doing less damage. And they're terrified of players feeling like that _(they said as much in regards to URF 'causing players to quit')_ It will also feel bad when your champs move around at a more sluggish pace again like in older seasons. Does this mean they'll be afraid of decreasing movement speed too? ______________ #Discussion What are your thoughts on movement speed creep? Is it good? Bad? More fun? Less fun? How are other Taliyah players feeling on landing their W? What about Nami or Cho players? Are Pantheon/Ziggs/Xerath players finding it harder to land their ultimates? etc. How is this affecting _(or not)_ your champs? What do you guys think increased movement speed brings to the game? What do you predict will happen? I'm interested to see how other players are perceiving current movement speed.
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