Norms champ select system FLAWED

Hi there, Myself and my friend, are having on going annoying issues about the current method for calling lanes in Normal Summoners Rift, the current system is flawed, needs to change, to many players joining: a. Late b. And not calling quick enough and then a. Can't see earlier calls and think they are right or b. Do not CARE, and lock in there champ anyway (even if other summoners agree that a person didn't get that lane) It is putting a huge dampener on our game play experience, especially when we are the ones who are getting 15 minute + bans for not selecting champs, because we are to confused at what lanes people are going! I believe that the ranked lane selection needs to be implemented into norms, that way a third party is choosing the lanes for all the players, so there is no confusion as to who got the right lanes, this way also if someone doesn't go that lane they are allocated, they can be reported and since the server allocated a lane to the players, Riot can see that they were allocated e.g MID for that match, and ban the crap out of them because this is getting to much to deal with. It is working for ranked and although Norms is no ranked, it still can use the same champ select system to help improve the overall league experience for more then just me and my friend. Let's make norms GREAT AGAIN cause it's really pissing us off! Thanks for reading, Millsy128 "I am the will of man unbound by flesh." - Xerath
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