I hate it when people shit on my dude Master Yi for taking "no skill"

* If I win like a boss, it's because Yi takes "no skill". * If I lose like a little shit, it's because Yi takes "no skill". * If I do something amazing, it's because Yi takes "no skill". * If I am not fed and I can't kill or even damage anything and everything due to his terrible base (but good scaling), it's because Yi takes "no skill". * If I have to be fed in order to even contribute anything onto the table, due to Yi haing ZERO utility, and he isn't even great at killing people innately (requires feed), it's because he takes "no skill". * If I have to commit every single fight and has 0 escape when caught, it's because Yi takes "no skill". * If Yi dies to everything within 1 second when remotely focus on top of having no escape, because he will, it's because Yi takes "no skill". * If AA'ing is all Yi can do for the VAST majority of his kit, and he is thus 1 dimensional, restricting and incredibly easily exploited and countered, it's because Yi takes "no skill". * If Yi is almost never played in high elo in the grand scheme of things, it's not because he's just too hard to play in higher level environment due to his restrictive kit, but because he takes "no skill". etc etc etc. The worst is that these kind of comments usually come from either no-resource spammy champs or players of massively popular champs that have been dominating the game across all elos and pro tournaments for years on end, and they have the sodding nerve to complain about Yi for being "no skill" who's almost never seen beyond low elo matches apart from the period of borked item balancing and the good old days of AP Yi. I mean fkn hell, give me a break. I'm just tired of dealing with that shit that's thrown at me for no reason other than playing a perfectly normal champ who if not is actually on the weaker side of the roster as the time of this post being written. I'm SICK of seeing that stereotype being shoved into my face again and again as if it's fact, and having it beating me over and over for every single thing I do. /rant.
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