Don't you think this kind of thing happens just a little too often now? 0.00 seconds. They aren't even full build, they still have room to get stronger. Now, contrary to popular belief, I have no problem with an assassin _(although some of the people doing this aren't assassins)_ bursting you from 100-0 in a single combo. However, they should still have to work for it! There should always be some level of counterplay where the victim can escape if they outplay the predator, _(you can cleanse Fizz's shark, Zhonyas Zed's ult, etc etc.) _ Theres not much counterplay you can do in 0.00 seconds. One of these pictures was me, _(the other was my friend in a different game)_, I was playing Azir in this particular game, and almost every time I knew that he was coming for me, so its not like I had no warning. I had my finger on my ult, and **as soon** as he became visible _(at the beginning of his jump)_, I pressed R. My R activates while he is mid air, he lands, kills me, then the ult sweeps through and knocks him away. Azir's ult is supposed to be the ultimate disengage. If even that can't save you from something you **know** is coming, how are you supposed to counterplay it? That stormrazor/duskblade combo is too strong. Like usual, items built as a crutch for ADCs, get abused by fighters and assassins.

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