This pretty much denies 90% of everything I do on the boards.

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_"We do listen, but we don't actually care."_ So pretty much any feedback we give is completely useless unless you were thinking about nerfing/buffing that champ anyway? And we definitely shouldn't talk about what frustrates us about champions, becasue thats just vague and annoying for you? _________ Also... Really?.. I don't think you have even listened at all to what people say about Zed. Zed **SHOULD** be able to 100% - 0% you, all assassins should, it's their job. I don't think many people dispute that... What we complain about is why while he is doing that, he has enough AoE to debilitate the 2 people around you who are trying to help you, and then gets away scott free afterwards. Why do any assassins have AoE to begin with? Their job is to jump in, kill their target, and jump out. How does that require excess amounts of AoE? They're 'assassins' they assassinate people, they make picks before fights begin, or sneak past the font line during fights to take out the backline, they shouldn't be such a threat to the team as a whole during fights. THATS the kind of thing pope find frustrating, not that they 100-0 you. You wouldn't expect Ezio to run into a building swinging a giant battle axe around, screaming his head off. You'd expect him to sneakily scale the walls, drop down behind the target, stab him in the back, then disappear into the night. You wouldn't expect Agent 47 to drive a hummer down the street duel wielding AK-47's to kill his target. You expect him to sneak around with a silenced pistol subtly taking out guards. So why does Kat suddenly appear in the middle of a team throwing knives literally everywhere with no aiming at all Why does Zed throw shuriken in all directions damaging everyone in sight, while he and all his shadows are lethal to go near becasue they are swirling with Shadow Slash stuff. Why should league assassins not represent any of what we consider 'assassin' play styles. Thats what we find annoying with Zed, not the fact he can kill you...
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