I hate to say it, but Tyler1 is actually correct.

In a few months all lane swill be filled with tanks and the game will become stale because of Sunfire Cape, Spirit Visage and Iceborn Gauntlet. The fact that tank Fizz will out damage an almost full-build ADC or APC with those three items is ridiculous and nonsensical. Why play a squishy champion such as Ashe or Xerath when you can play a champion like Volibear, who does the same, if not more damage, than a full-build ADC, while having over three thousand more health. Honestly, in 65% of my games have at least two people building those three items and doing almost double the damage that I, or my ADC, have done. How is that considered balance or fun? The reason I enjoyed URF so much was because none of those items were viable and there was variation in the champions and builds. Now that I'm back to other game-modes, I can see just how unfun and infuriating versing that combination is. I may as well start taking those three items on everyone, grab a Warmogs and maybe a Thornmail and then whatever else I could use, not that it matters because I'll already being doing more damage than the enemy team, and win the game. Soon, everyone will just buy those three items and that's it. People have been complaining about these items for months! Nothing was ever done.
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