Perma banned with no warning

I just got perma banned with no timed game restrictions, no 14 day ban, no warnings of any kind just straight up perma banned I have not inted, I have not been toxic, I have no argued with anyone unless they attacked me and I reacted in defense. WTF riot There's nothing in the rules that say I'm not allowed to play champs that aren't meta. I've picked a champ I like to play and I intended to continue playing it till I got better at it. where in the rules does it say that's not allowed? I have been doing it with no problems at all until it's a weekend and suddenly every 12 year old thinks that if you accidentally die you're inting. I've been flamed, called a %%%got, told to kill myself, told to uninstall, called a stupid %%%%.... barely reacted to any of it. but because a bunch of kids think that playing non meta is trolling so report me I get perma banned with no warnings? wtf riot I've played this game literally since since season 1. I was playing on US servers and then GARENA servers before OCE was ever a thing. I've never seen a player perma banned with no warnings. You guys literally had a video on the home screen of the client for weeks encouraging people to "break the meta" and try new champs in new rolls. I do that and get banned for it? I get called far worse in every game than I've ever called anyone in game. but I let it go and don't bother reporting anyone for it, thinking I'm doing the right thing. but because a bunch of kids get together and group report me none of that means anything? a straight up perma ban with no warnings for this is fucking pathetic
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