I could imagine Riot when they created Nidalee.

Rioter 1: Hey guys, lets make a hunter based champion. Rioter 2: I agree, but what if... she turns into a cougar too? Rioter 1: Hey thats a cool idea! What if, her Q throws out a spear that chunks for half your enemy carry's health? Rioter 2: Wow, now you're thinking! But to make sure shes a poke god, we better make her win all poke trades, lets make her E a heal! Oh, and lets give her a pointless attack speed boost on top of that! Rioter 1: Wow, you are really on to something sir, but with all that poke, what happens if she gets ganked? I know, lets make her W a trap that grants vision, that'll be neat, but on top of that, lets give her movement speed when she walks through the brush, that fits the hunter theme, that can be her passive! Rioter 2: Idk if that would be balanced, lets give her that movement boost when she lands one of her spells, that'll balance it perfectly!!! Rioter 1: Wait, what if she gets jumped on by a melee? Rioter 2: holy crap, you are right, but what do we do about it? Rioter 1: Wait, I know! Lets give her unparalleled close range burst in cougar form, and on top of that, lets give her limitless mobility including extra range on W when she hits a human form spell on someone. Rioter 2: Yes!!! and finally, lets give her an execute on her Cougar Form Q. Rioter 1: Yes, now she just needs non-existent cooldowns and we're done! Rioter 2: And we are done!!! Hey, do you have any more weed? And thus, the most broken champion ever was created. {{champion:76}}
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