Credit where credit is due!

Now I criticise Riot a lot, _(We cant expect the game to get better if we don't speak out about what we believe in)_, and in my opinion they have made some really bad decisions in the past year or so _(hence a lot of moans from me on the boards recently)_ But I am definitely not anti-riot! and I think it's only fair that if we criticise them on what we think is bad, we should also praise them on what we think is good. And I think that Skins even in the last year have rocketed forward in quality and enjoyment of play. This post was indeed inspired by the recent lunar revel skins, Warwick and Nasus in particular are just awesome skins. I am not Nasus' biggest fan, but I can still appreciate how godly he looks wreathed in golden fire. The look of the skins are great, which is obviously important, but what what really makes modern skins great (imo) is the immersion they have, putting players into the story of the skins, so you're not just playing a gold Nasus, you're playing the godly dog guardian of China. Previously this was only properly achieved with legendary skins, but now even normal skins are giving off this vibe. And for people like me who are really into stories and atmosphere/universe, this roleplay-esq approach to skins really enhances the fun of playing. So credit where credit is due, 100%! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} _(just waiting for year of the goat now, for my precious Kindred skin :P, and of course waaaaayyyyy in the future, an Aurelion Sol dragon one :P)_
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