"Diana, please calm down."

{{champion:131}} "No- I shan't calm down! Not one tiny little bit. This is a momentous occasion." {{champion:77}} "And you're taking this the wrong way." {{champion:131}} "Am I? Am I really? YOU'RE WRONG. Cause _♬IIIIIIIIII've got a new skin♬_. AND YOU DON'T. HA!" {{champion:77}} "It's just a skin-" {{champion:131}} "And it's MINE. Do you have a mask? Do you? BECAUSE I GET ONE." {{champion:77}} "Not even that unique-" {{champion:131}} "STILL MINE." {{champion:77}} "Or legendary." {{champion:131}} "WHO CARES? **IT'S AS SWEET AS MY ARSE! **This is my moment and no one will ruin it, *NO ONE*, especially not you Leona!" {{champion:89}} "...Why am I here?" {{champion:77}} "No idea, what do you think about all this?" {{champion:131}} ♬"It's Blood Moon. Blood Moon. All mine. All miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!"♬ {{champion:89}} "There's only so many times you can say someone has 'lost the plot' before it simply *becomes them*, you know what I mean?" {{champion:77}} Absolutely. We're both just figments of her imagination here anyway." ... {{champion:51}} "She's just rolling around on the ground, throthing at the mouth." {{champion:254}} "Oh you mean like a real rabid animal? Cupcake, pass me the binocs, let me see...Ohohohooo that is *awesome*". {{champion:51}} "*tsk*- she'll probably choke on her tongue. I'm debating going down and checking on her." {{champion:254}} "What's the hurry? Besides, she's probably just excited with that new skin she's getting. She'll tone it down eventually." {{champion:51}} "That she is, marvelous deductive reasoning. You got one recently too if I recall. Props for that, by the by. {{champion:254}} "Awww thanks cupcake. Now wanna take a bet whether she'll pass out face or arse up? {{champion:51}} "What's the wager?" {{champion:254}} "Cause I'm hoping for arse." {{champion:51}} "What was that? An all night bar hop with all drinks on you?" {{champion:254}} "That is one *sweet * arse."
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