Goodbye League of Legends, Goodbye Sejuani

After a lot heartache and thought I've decided to quit LoL for good. I've been playing this game for over 7 years and throughout that time I've had a lot fun. However a recent change hit me hard, one of my favorite champions was changed beyond recognition.This being Sejuani. To be frank i LOVED this champion, the enjoyment and bliss I've felt over the years playing her kept me though many hard parts of my life and i only wish i hadn't taking it for granted and played her more.Sadly her kit has been altered and her play-style changed in a way i can no longer obtain the enjoyment this game once gave me.I loved team fighting, it was always the highest point of any game for me and Sejuani by far thrived in such situations.Her ultimate was a game changer nothing compares to the rush that came from the smash of the bola instance of immobilization, followed by the crumbling of the enemy team.She excelled in aoe damage and cc, every fight was this game of trying to tag as many champions with frost whilst trying to keep as many people inside of her flails range, then cracking down the slows on those who try to escape.chasing people through the jungle; dashing over walls and flinging yourself into a fight was truly some of the best memories I've ever had playing games. But now she feels clunky her massive aoe damage scaling is gone her cc is slow, and her ult butchered.similar champions like Zac have also been changed away from my ideal of champion and its become a lot harder to enjoy the game because of this. And so.. i say good bye to my queen of team fights, goodbye to the amazing community that this game has attracted and goodbye to League of Legends you'll be missed dearly. -A simple Sejuani main
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