Thoughts on the Kayle and Morgana rework

When I went onto youtube and was bombarded with the countless videos reacting to the newly posted Kayle and Morgana rework I was actually quite excited and wondered how amazing they'd look. I ignored the reaction videos and watched the trailer video on the League of Legends channel. When I saw Morgana I definitely thought it was an improvement from before but some parts of her didn't make sense. When Morgana's quick introduction passed and I was greeted with the new Kayle I was extremely, and when I say extremely I mean it...disappointed. What happened to Kayle? What happened to her armour? Why is it a skin-tight spandex suit? I actually kind of like the white and gold armour as it fits the Demacian theme but that's where what I like about it ends. Her armour doesn't look or feel like armour. It's an over decorative plating on her for some reason **purple ** spandex suit. Demacian armour is supposed to be bulky and big and ACTUALLY protect the wearer. I know she is also Targonian but she doesn't look Targonian either at ALL. I actually laughed when hearing her voice line saying something along the lines of "This is why I wear armour" WHAT ARMOUR? That 'armour' won't protect you from anything. It feels like whoever worked on her and designed her new look didn't have to go through any criticism at all. Her design is terrible and bland and doesn't fit with Kayle as a character. Isn't she supposed to be a strong, righteous, emotionless and mysterious character that is above all? If so then why doesn't she conceal herself and actually gain more armour? She just strips away and in turn, becomes MORE human...Old Kayle did the armour thing 100 times better. I really do hope that Riot makes changes to Kayle and makes her feel like Kayle and not some randomly sexy sleek angel warrior that you could find in any other game. rito pls ** Also if anyone is interested please watch TB Skyen's amazing video on the rework where he talks about both Kayle and Morgana. He makes great videos :) ** _**His video**_:
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