These Pyke changes are disturbing.

I have been playing Pyke pretty much exclusively since he was released. He fit my ideal playstyle and I fell in love, learning all tips and tricks, sitting in the Practice Tool for hours on end. I learned his strengths, his weaknesses, when to pick him, who he counters, who counters him. I learned *everything*. Now, if we move away from that and onto the fact that he was nerfed solely off the fact that he was being played outside of support and was ‘oppressive’, despite the fact that he was not exactly strong or ideal in top, mid, or jungle. However, this is not the issue. The issue is that you stated you do not want champions to be limited and would not balance them around where they ‘should’ be, hence why Lux support, Annie support, Morgana support, and any other AP mage that went support and then stayed there was not balanced around that. You curb stomped Pyke back into support and he is in dire circumstances because he is now garbage. Everything about him has been destroyed in the goal of keeping him support, which was also heavily nerfed. 1) He can no longer control the wave with his Q + E. Likewise, he cannot help his ADC push the wave. 2 His Q damage is no longer an AoE, which causes issues with burst damage in bot lane. (This change seems like it was targeted purely at support Pyke). 3) His passive… I admit that would be fine if that is all he got as his healing and sustain is what the issue was in solo lanes. Another issue with nerfing Pyke is you straight up removed a champion that can beat Lux. Lux is disgustingly strong right now and he was one of few that could deal with her. Pyke’s whole shtick is getting ahead. He is an assassin. If he does not get ahead, he falls off. Why are you surprised that he is actually doing what he is meant to? tl;dr: Pyke nerfed too much, Riot went back on their word of not forcing champs into positions, indirectly helped Lux. Edit: Nerfed Pyke over Tahm Kench, who counters Pyke and is far more oppressive and far stronger. Lmao.

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