How to get out of bronze step 1

Look at your team comp and start from there...If your team is in need of a tank, go tanky. Simple. Even if you are the mid laner build at least 1 tank items. If you are the engage, thats a no brainer tbh. Don't be that 1 guy who is 4/12 who can 1 shot the adc but don't like long enough to. You're damage is more the longer you survive. Just look at the tank meta. trust me. Selling a 1 of the 6 yoummus you have for deadmans if they have AD, Spirit Visage if they have AP And Omen if they have crit. Don't be suborn. This is a way to start improving game. Also don't asume just because you are fed 10/2 in the early game and you are the main engage means you can go full AD. You're team will start hating you for that and you WILL loose the game. Don't bother flamming that 1/900 Support, waste of time. tell him what to do that is gonna be helpful to win the game. And don't be afraid to be the shot caller. If you know what you're doing and you are right, there is no reason for them not to listen but in true bronze fashion they won't so don't start flamming them. just tell them why and it should be fine, cause like you, they want to win the game and get out of bronze 5 into bronze 4. Dont be that stingy bitch who thinks he is the best and does what he wants than dies and blames team for no follow up. And for that 1/900 Fiddle support, ffs don't go full AP what are you stupid? Go at least 2 tank items including a zonyas as you are probs the main engage. ( I'm gold 3 ) Want more just say, Hate it well tuff luck nerd CY@
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