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So, just found this .txt file on an old USB; I made years ago back when there was still an "Achievements" tab on players profiles even though it was never used. I made a list of achievements that could be implemented if they ever decided to use the achievement tabs. I was planning do it for all champs at the time but never got around to it. Rather than just delete it though, I thought I might share it to see what people would have thought about it :) Just gonan copy and paste all the text from the file. Achievement Ideas! (Achievement list and names for all champions) So that poor little achievement tab under everyone's profile has been a sad lonely deactivated tab. I think we can all agree of how nice it would be to finally make use of it (of which I'm sure, or at least hoping, Riot is planning on using during Season 3). After seeing another related thread, I decided to come up with some ideas for achievements. While constantly earning achievements is more a Valve thing. I personally would prefer that if they did implement the feature once and for all, that the achievements would actually feel like ACHIEVEMENTS. Not crappy little things like valve does and have achievements for "Buy the Bloodthirster" (as an idea mentioned in previously seen thread) sought of thing. ___ #**General:** * Thing like win a game with 50% of the champs and perhaps one for 75% and 100% * Get a 10 normal or ranked win streak. * Earn 50 honour points in Friendly * Earn 50 honour points in Honourable opponent and so on. Of course those numbers could be higher as honour system has only just come out. * Win a game(or something like 10) with each champ that has the e.g "Assassin" tag. Then that could unlock like an assassin icon or something and show that you like assassins or somewhat and so on for each tag or win 10games with the champs with this tag. ____ #**Champ specific:** **They're Mine Now** - As Ahri, land charm on a male character 100 times. **So Many Noobs... Will Matchmaking Ever Find True Balance?** - Win 7 games in a row with Akali. **You Can't Milk Those!** - As Alistair, headbutt away 75 enemy champions who start attacking you first. **In A Flash** - As Anivia, stun 4 enemy champions with one Flash Frost. **Have You Seen My Bear Tibbers?** - As Annie, stun an entire enemy team with Tibbers 15 times **Right Between The Eyes** - As Ashe, kill 10 enemies with Enchanted Crystal Arrow that are in the fog-of-war **A Rolling Golem Gathers No Rust** - Land 100 Rocket Grabs on enemy champions as Blitzcrank whilst Overdrive is activated. **Some Say The World Will End In Fire** - Score a Pentakill as Brand. **Boom. Headshot** - As Caitlyn, kill 50 enemies with Ace In The Hole. **You Found Me Beautiful, Once** - As Cassiopoeia, stun 75 enemy champions with Petrifying Gaze. **Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom!** - Kill 75 enemy champions as Cho'Gath using Feast. **Consider Yourself Spanked, Nugget!** - As Corki, have 50 enemies take the full duration of damage from Gatling gun. **Never Retreat** - As Darius, use Apprehend on 75 enemy champions who have their backs turned to you. **Bring Down the Sun** - As Diana, kill an enemy Leona 30 times. **Mundo's ABC's of success: Always Be Cleaving.** - As Dr. Mundo, land 350 Infected Cleavers on enemy champions. **Welcome To The League Of Draven** - Play Draven in 20 matches. **I've Got The Touch**- Land 200 killing blows on enemy champions as Evelynn. **Who Needs A Map?** -Kill 50 enemy champions in the fog-of-war with Trueshot Barrage as Ezreal. **I Think I'll Let You Suffer For A While** - As Fiddlesticks, have enemy champions contained within Crowstorm for a combined total of 10minutes. **Is This Supposed To Be A Challenge?**- Get a "Legendary"(8) kill streak with Fiora in 7 separate matches. **Wanna See A Trick?** - Dodge 150 projectiles as Fizz using Playful. **I Will Not Fail** - Taunt an entire enemy team as Galio, using Idol of Durand, 30 times **Enjoy Your Visit To The Depths Of The Sea, Landlubber!** - As Gangplank, kill 100 enemy champions using Canon Barrage. **I Bring Justice!** - Kill 200 enemies as Garen using Demacian Justice. **I'll Drink You Under The Table, Scrub!** - As Gragas, drink from your barrel 500 times. **Like Fish In A Barrel** - As Graves, kill 300 enemies using Buckshot. **I Am Beyond Death**- As Hecarim, escape from a battle with only 50(perhaps 100 at later levels) health or less 30 times. **I Could Help You Do That Better** - As Heimerdinger, gain 120 assists from having your turrets slow an enemy after using "UPGRADE!!!" or stunning them with CH-1 Concussion Grenade **Balance In All Things** - As Irelia, finish a game with the same K/D/A number in 5 separate matches. e.g (5/5/5) **Gale Winds Unleashed**Knock up 250 enemy champs as Janna using "Howling Gale". **DEMACIA!**- As Jarvan, kill an enemy inside Cataclysm 200 times.
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