"The truth about about a yordle with a hammer"

{{champion:78}} So i am sure were all familiar with that giant hammer and a little purple person swinging it in your face as you go flying across the rift but do any of us actually know her lore. All of 4 paragraphs pretty much and it explains that shes the keeper of that big hammer and she roams demacia (not sure if its just demacia or the entirety of runeterra) looking for the fabled hero of demacia (the one who is sapossed to actually own the hammer) but it leaves a certain amount of room for thought especially if you read the short comic on her wiki page that maybe just maybe she might be the actual hero herself and i just wanted to ask a wider audience just to clarify my suspicions about this. p.s. just really want to know if im right/wrong and thought i should get a second opinion... or 10 (: "todays the day i find that hero"-poppy 2010
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