With the new BE system its IMPOSSIBLE for players to earn BE and buy champs. Riot NEEDS to fix this. I mean look, it's nice to use this technique to get players to play more but 1 game can run up to 30 mins. Overwatch does this because 1 game can only run up to 5-10 mins, it really feels like a grind and the game becomes boring now. This way, you're attracting more scripters or botters which makes the game more trashy. It's either make the champions free and just earn your money through the skins or give us back the old cash system with the earning BE or IP with every game. RIOT, LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYERS, PEOPLE WHO JUST STARTED PLAYING THE GAME GETS BORED AFTER A WEEK OR TWO SINCE THEY CAN'T ENJOY THE CHAMPS THEY WANT. LEAGUE IS NOT EVEN A GAME ANYMORE, MORE AND MORE PEOPLE SEE IT AS YOUR BUSINESS. YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FORCE PEOPLE TO GRIND A MONTH FOR A PENNY? THEY QUIT. WE'RE NOT EXPECTING INSTANT CHANGE BUT DONT WAIT UNTIL ITS TOO LATE PLEASE RIOT, TAKE THIS IN A POSITIVE WAY WE'RE HELPING YOU TO MAKE THE GAME BETTER. THANKS...
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