Good job riot :) !!!

now normaly when i post on here its to have a go at riot for bugs and ranked but today not so I am a jinx main i own all her skins. Today star guardian jinx came out now this skin had been so hyped up and now that ive played it non stop for 10 hours i see why riot hadn't made a new jinx skin since slayer jinx came out ( which i have) i have been waiting for a jinx skin every time the live sever patches came though i knew a new patch would be on pbe and i would check websites to see what skins are new and in coming for a long time i didn't see a jinx one ( i saw the project ones and daum) but then a few weeks/ months i looked and i saw " New Star Guardian Skins Lulu,Lux,Poppy,Janna and Jinx" i wiped my eyes i pinched my self to make sure i wasnt dreaming" I rushed to youtube to see all those pbe youtubers showing it off and i fell in love i knew it was the skin i had been waiting for. Every day i would watch another pbe video. Today when i was watching worlds ( #RipG2 )i saw the trailer and i Ran to my computer ( as i watch worlds on tv ) I logged in i saw nothing about star guardians on home page but i went to the shop to see if anything was on sale. AND BOOM STAR GUARDIANS. for a second i went crazy did my am i awake checks. I thought my skin is finally in game i checked my rp i was 130 short. So i was running around my house trying to find my credit card. I found it i ran to my laptop and topped up $5 just enough for skin and hextech box and key . I was so happy. I loaded up a custom game and omfg. The homeguards Animation SHE FLYS. i tested out all the new animations taunts as i put caitlyn bot ( please tell me other taunts against champions ) And riot I know i give you guys alot of shit all the time on the boards but. For once i wanna say thank you this skin is perfect i dont think il be using my other 3 jinx skins for a long time now. PS: Thank you riot as a Jinx Main i am so happy with this skin you guys did a good job. I am so happy {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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