ADC support/autofill/dynamic queue

This is probably a pointless thread that won’t amount to anything, and it’s probably mostly rambling, but hey, I’m bored. I got two questions: 1. Why is ‘ADC support’ not a thing? 2. Why is there no option to avoid autofill in exchange for giving up something else? Why are there no viable ‘adc’ support characters or paths available? We have everything else – ADC JG, ADC top, ADC mid, ADC ADC I don’t see a reason why this isn’t a thing. Any class can pretty much do whatever role, except marksman, they cannot support for some reason. I realise, you could technically bring an ADC to the bot lane (and be reported for trolling), but there are no gold income items to support this --- There is an AP income item for mages, why not a similar item for marksman? Unless I’m mistaken, marksman can’t use targons or whatever it’s called as well; coin is possible, but offers lacklustre stats. I don’t see why this hasn’t been done. **Why is there no voluntary queue system that guarantees your preferred role(s), in exchange for a longer queue?** In general, people like being treated fairly, and apply resistance to any unfair treatment. Autofill is unfair since it dictates the way one plays the game. However, it is also necessary, since role popularity is disproportionate, particularly support; this does not mean that an alternative cannot co-exist. A system allowing players to choose between spending longer in a queue, in exchange for role guarantee, would in general, make the community better off. Only people who value the benefit of being assigned a specific role would participate. Other people need not utilise the system; moreover, anyone desiring a particular role, may, of course, make use of the system. Further, having a choice to avoid autofill means, players cannot rationally consider themselves unfairly treated, and thus, are less likely to apply resistance in the form of negative behaviour, i.e. trolling. Not going to say that I would rather troll than play certain roles, that would be against the summoner’s code. However, I barely enjoy the current state of the game when given my main position. If I am given my secondary position, my enjoyment is neither here nor there, and jungle and support effectively give me negative enjoyment. My enjoyment for this game, in its _current state _is as follows: • ADC – barely • Mid – neither here nor there • Top – not enjoyable, but happy to get my ‘autofill’ out of the way • Support/jungle – negative enjoyment Let’s say I play 3 games of ranked on a given day --- I am assigned my secondary preference in my first two games, and auto filled in the third game. My 2nd and 3rd preferences amount to zero and negatively enjoyment, respectively. Therefore, my enjoyment for that day is negative by default, and I was better off doing something else with my time. In contrast, my enjoyment would be positive, if I was assigned my 1st preference and did something else during the queue. Accordingly, I would happily trade over 30 minutes of my time for the guarantee of being assigned one of my two preferred roles. Please, add some options for either ‘ADC supports’, or the ability to guarantee certain roles, in exchange for longer queues. **Onto the real cancer, dynamic queue, or flex queue whatever it goes by these days.** Solo/duo is shut down between 4-7am, from where I stand this is to allow dynamic q to be viable. Many years ago, ranked was open 24/7 on oceanic and hte player base has only grown since then, so it's definitely not an issue with ranked/solo. Further, this queue only really benefits groups of three or five technically, but they would be better off with ranked teams; anyway, this isn't my point. What are the chances that three 'friends' are online simultaneously, between the hours of 4-7am, and willing to play a game? I'd much lower than that of a solo player. Subsequently, dynamic queue is mostly being supported by solo/duo players, who would rather queue solo/duo queue. Additionally, groups of 4 were recently removed from the queue due to "poor health", how are groups of 3 any different? They rely on solo/duo q players to fill the gaps, who would most likely prefer to queue solo/duo. This is a minor pet peeve; I just thought I'd add it because "fuck it right"? I really could not care if this queue existed or not. In my opinion, the viability of dynamic queue should not be subserdised at the expense of solo/duo q, and in turn relying on players who would rather play solo/duo Anyway, that’s me done, better way to spend an hour than playing flex queue or supporting:)

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