OCE Rioter Q&A - (Group 1 of 3)

This Thursday, 6th Dec from 1:00 to 2:00 PM AEDT, a few OCE Rioters are jumping on the local Boards to chat with the community and answer some questions around what they do at Riot OCE. If you've ever been curious about what it takes to run a professional league, what goes into an OPL broadcast, what it's like speaking and working with organizations who're unfamiliar with gaming (hi Government!), or how hard it is to wrangle a bunch of gamers into a cohesive team of Rioters on a daily basis, then post your questions in this thread and the below Rioters will come online to answer them this Thursday. ------------------------------ **Riot Benji** My role is 'Special Ops' and I do league management for the OPL, OCS, and the Uni and High School leagues. I, along with my clones, also appear in segments on the OPL and are plotting World Domination. ------------------------------ **Belquin** As the Esports Lead, I’m responsible for overseeing the creation of Oceanic LoL esports from grass roots through to Pro. ------------------------------ **Perigan** I’m the Head of Esport Audience Engagement, responsible for the strategy and execution of local esports content for our publishing (e.g oce.lolesports.com & social media) and broadcast (the OPL stream). I’m also still leading the OCE broadcast efforts from our Sydney studio and live events like Rift Rivals, OPL finals, and League of Origin. Disgusting Sona One-Trick ;) ------------------------------ **Conquisitor** As the lead for Community and Social Play, I try to find meaningful ways to bring players together to foster friendly and sportsmanlike communities. My work allows me to work across gaming and non-gaming communities in Oceania. ------------------------------ **CptStupendous** As Country Manager, my role has two main components. Firstly I am responsible for building teams and making sure those teams are able to go out and do their very best work for the player. Next to team facilitation is product strategy. I interpret global strategy and translate that to our local operations designed to be specifically created for the Oceanic players. ----------------------------- There will be two more groups of OCE Rioters joining us on the Boards Monday and Tuesday of next week (10th and 11th of December).

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